If you think you need this to achieve 1hr delivery for your customer, think again.


One Hour Delivery for your customers in Toronto is now possible with Local Delivery Logistics

Drastically increase your checkout cart conversion
Guaranteed Delivery until 3 AM
Compete in the new 1hr delivery logistics market

Local Delivery Logistics Increases Sales

Local Delivery Logistics delivers your customers online purchase to their door faster than ever before. LDL can increase your local presence virtually overnight. Custom tailored delivery with no restrictions will change your customer’s purchasing habits and increase sales.

Forget next day shipping. You can tell your customers same day but LDL strives for 1hr delivery on every order.

What is Local Delivery Logistics?

Delivering website sales to local customers from a logistical location.

Don’t ignore this valuable market that some companies are spending billions to succeed in. We can help you compete. Stay ahead of your competitors in Toronto and get to your customers faster with Local Delivery Logistics.

Fast delivery has always been a motivating factor when purchasing online. LDL can help you achieve the fastest delivery ever which will help increase sales, increase repeat business and improve customer satisfaction like never before.

“If it’s not there now, it’s already late” LDL strives for perfection every delivery.

76% of Canadian’s shop online. Almost all customers check delivery dates before purchasing. You need to be better and faster. It’s time to improve your customer’s experience with same day/1hr delivery.

We follow the moto “if it’s not there now, it’s already late”. At Local Delivery Logistics, we are here to provide the fulfillment, delivery and unprecedented service to your customer’s internet purchases.

Let us transform the way your customer purchases and show you how to gain sales as well as customer loyalty with our last mile delivery solution.

How we do it.

LDL will stock your most popular skus in our Toronto fulfillment centre. Once a customer generates an online purchase just send it to us. We will pick, pack and deliver to your customer’s home, hotel or favourite coffee shop. Each order is managed by our packaging team and we tailor the delivery to your customer’s needs.

Brand Recognition

Keep your brand recognition right to the customer door

Tailored Delivery

Tailored deliveries for your customers’ convenience


“Free gift” packaging for campaign driven sales.

Customer Loyalty

Run customer loyalty programs with one hour delivery convenience

Live GPS Tracking

Customers and Management can track their deliveries with live GPS tracking


Drastically increase your checkout cart conversion with 1 hour delivery

Using a courier is too impersonal. LDL will connect your customer to their delivery right to the end. Never lose your brand recognition.

Track Drivers Live by GPS

Your customer will be able to track all their deliveries from our warehouse to their door with a personalized GPS tracker sent via text to their mobile device. They can track the driver for a convenient delivery.

Late Night Shopping

Imagine a customer wants to make an online purchase and realizes your website is offering delivery until 3 am 7 days a week. That could be the deciding factor on whether the customer will follow through with their purchase. From fast 1hr delivery to late night 3am deliveries we make sure your customer gets their purchase all the time.

Deliver Faster Than Amazon

It’s true, your customer’s online purchase will be delivered faster than Amazon or any other competitor in Toronto. Don’t limit your prospect for e-commerce growth. Use our service and create marketing campaigns like never before. Let us at Local Delivery Logistics help you progress into the future of online sales.

Sell direct to the customer. Preserve your Brand.

Selling your items on Amazon, EBay or Walmart won get it there faster than LDL. It’s time for you to take back control and be part of the best local delivery logistics platform in Canada.

Why offer your next day shipping when you can offer Late Night Shopping until 3 am – 7 days a week.

Get your business online and let us help you develop your On-Demand Platform

We cover all of the GTA which gives you access to over 6 million potential customers.

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